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Heat4All SmartLine

Affordable infrared heating for smart homeowners

Simple structure, high efficiency

If you are already familiar with Heat4All Infrared Heating, you will know about our panels' advantages: Lowest costs, highest efficiency and your greatest well-being while using them thanks to their abilty to create an ideal room climate. In addition, our infrared heaters help to improve your ecological footprint - by being energy efficient and allowing for the use of sustainable energy sources, by means of their long life-cycle as well as the possibility to move or expand on your heating system whenever you need to.

While our main line ICONIC focusses, among other things, on great design, our SmartLine most of all aims to provide the best possible heating quality at the lowest possible price. The biggest difference between the ICONIC and the SmartLine series lies in the mechanical structure of the respective panels. By using different materials, we may offer our SmartLine panels at reduced prices without having to accept significant trade-offs as regards their heating and general quality. Consequently, both panels are made to be used in-doors and fulfill all requirements to be safe to use in wet rooms or to be mounted on the ceiling.

When it comes to our ICONIC series, the mechanical stability of the panels mostly results from their high-quality steel sheet edges. For the SmartLine, we achieve the same stability by means of its special frame and additional mounting studs. As regards the thermal insulation between the front and rear panels, our SmartLine heaters use a thin air buffer as well as an IR reflector, while our ICONIC panels incorpoarte a specific insulation body.

Both series feature a coated front with high IR-emissivity. The SmartLine's rear panel has a metallic surface and therefore a lower IR-emissivity, just like the anodized metal frame. Since ICONIC's rear panel is coated, a higher degree of IR-radiation is emitted towards the wall. That means that the ratio between radiation and convection heat slightly shifts towards convection heat. For both panel types, however, the total heat emitted to the room complies with their respective type specifications.


Our Heat4All SmartLine panels are now also available with light frames.

Heat4All SmartLine  Product details (pdf)

Product specifications

Surface: sheet steel, powder-coated
Rear panel: aluminum, untreated
Field of application: direct heating
Surface temperature: approx. 90°C bis 110°C
Voltage: 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
Colour: white
Protection: IP 45, protection class 1
Temperature protection: 1-2 sensors, dependent on heater dimension
Power supply: Type CEE 7/7 tilted, 8 mm flat; cable length: 1.9 m
Certificates: Zertifikate


Name Dimensions Nominal output Weight Heatable area
Heat4All SmartLine 175 495 x 350 x 16 mm 170 Watt 2.5 kg 2 - 5 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 320 595 x 595 x 16 mm 320 Watt 4.5 kg 4 - 8 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 520 950 x 615 x 16 mm 520 Watt 7.2 kg 8 - 12 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 700 1100 x 650 x 16 mm 700 Watt 8.5 kg 11 - 19 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 1000 1240 x 815 x 16 mm 1000 Watt 11.7 kg 16 - 24 m²

Light Frames

Name Dimensions Nominal output Lumen
Light Frame SmartLine 175 536 x 391 x 20 mm 26 Watt 2,200
Light Frame SmartLine 320 636 x 636 x 20 mm 37 Watt 3,100
Light Frame SmartLine 520 991 x 656 x 20 mm 47 Watt 4,000
Light Frame SmartLine 700 1141 x 691 x 20 mm 53 Watt 4,600
Light Frame SmartLine 1000 1281 x 856 x 20 mm 62 Watt 5,400


Wall or ceiling mounting

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