HEAT4ALL ICONIC Infrared Heating Infrared heater made in Austria

Heat4all - Technology Made in Austria

Radiation efficiency of 71.1 %

Developed and produced in cooperation with our partner Koller, our new product generation, Heat4All ICONIC, features a much higher radiation efficiency than its competitors. This amazing result stems from a new and exclusive insulation layer, developed specificially for our new infrared panels, as well a special powder-coating that allows for an even higher emissivity of now 0.96*. This higher efficiency further results in lower energy requirements and thus allows for fewer daily operation hours so that your heating costs will be significantly lowered.

*Source: Study on radiation efficiency, conducted by the Technichal University Stuttgart (06/2016)

Apart from their exceptionally high emissivity our new Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters also reach a radiation ratio of infrared C rays of 99.9 %. Besides the radiation ratio, what is most crucial for determining the overall efficiency of an infrared heater is its radiation efficiency. Highly efficient infrared heaters should reach at least 50 % radiation efficiency to the front and 70 % in total. The radiation efficiency of our new Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels is 55.1 % to the front as well as 71.1 % in total*, placing Heat4All ICONIC infrared panels among the most efficient infrared heaters currently on the market. All this has been confirmed in a study conducted by the Technical University Stuttgart.

Structure of our Heat4All Infrared Heaters

Aufbau einer Heat4All Infrarotheizung

Structure of the new Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panel

1. Coated steel front with high IR radiation ratio and high UV persistance
2. High-quality heating element with Constantan heating conductor
3. Thermal insulation with IR reflector
4. Coated, massive steel rear panel
5. Sturdy and flexibly adjustable mounting system

Very short warm-up phase

After only four minutes of operation, our Heat4All ICONIC panels reach surface temperatures of up to 70° C so that infrared rays will be emitted almost immediately.

*Source: Study on radiation efficiency, conducted by the Technichal University Stuttgart (06/2016)

Even heat distribution

As can be seen on the thermographic image on the left, our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters generate an even heat distribution throughout the entire front of the heating panel*. This, in combination with the other unique properties of our Heat4All Infrared Heaters, results in our panels' extraordinarily high radition efficiency.

*Source: Study on radiation efficiency, conducted by the Technichal University Stuttgart (06/2016)