HEAT4ALL ICONIC Infrared Heating Infrared heater made in Austria

Control Systems for your Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels

All Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels can be controlled via wireless connection from your PC, tablet or mobile app. Set individual temperatures for each room or control them remotely from wherever you are.

Eco design guideline

According to the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1188 of 28 April 2015 implementing Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to ecodesign requirements for local space heaters, Infrared and other electric heaters within buildings have to meet certain control system requirements. Among other things, a room thermostat, a weekday control mechanism, a device to detect open windows and more need to be installed.

On-site control systems
All infrared heaters by Heat4All are slave heaters as defined in COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1188.
This means that, to operate them in compliance with the regulation, a superordinate control system has to be installed.

Please find further information on the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 here.

Below please find all our thermostat and control system options. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can offer you free advice on the best solutions for your living and office spaces.

HomeMatic Smart Home Central Control Unit CCU3

The HomeMatic Central Hub is the centerpiece of the automated control of your Heat4All Infrared Heaters. This innovative device serves as the hub that connects all other components of your user-friendly control system. It can be easily and intuitively programmed via your PC. The new CCU3 version comes with faster processing times and more storage. It also allows for connections with other automation systems via special software and plug-ins.

HomeMatic IP Wall Thermostat

In order to ensure ideal temperatures in each room, we recommend using our HomeMatic Wall Thermostat. The HomeMatic Wall-Mounted Thermostat allows you to individually set the temperature for each room, be it your cosily warm living room or your comfortably cool bed room. Simply install one HomeMatic Wall Thermostat per room and set it to your preferred temperature.

HomeMatic IP Pluggable Switch 16A

The HomeMatic Pluggable Switch 16A serves as an adapter between the plug and your Heat4All Infrared Panel. It is super simple to install and immediately connects your infrared heaters to your user-friendly HomeMatic control system. The Switch can also be used as a repeater (signal improvement) between the CCU3 and other devices.

HomeMatic IP Switch Actuator and Meter 5A/16A, flush-mounted

The HomeMatic flush-mounted Switch Actuator and Meter allows you to wirelessly connect your Heat4All Infrared Panels to your HomeMatic control system. To use it, simply install the Flush-Mounted Switch Actuator within the wall right behind your Heat4All Infrared Panel. It is available in two versions, 5A and 16A.

HomeMatic IP Window / Door Contact

The HomeMatic IP Window / Door Contact automatically detects whenever a window or door is opened and lowers the heating temperature accordingly to avoid unnecessary energy losses. The Window / Door Contact may also be used as an alarm to further increase the safety of your home.

HomeMatic Remote Control via Smartphone, Tablet & PC

For even more comfort, you may program and control all the components of your HomeMatic control system via the HomeMatic remote control app for smartphone, tablet and PC. Turn your heaters on and off, change the temperature settings and monitor your room temperature anywhere and any time with this handy application.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use HomeMatic Remote Control you are liable to pay a fee. This fee is determined by HomeMatic and cannot be suspended or changed by Heat4All.

Heat4All Room Thermostat (wireless)

The H4A Wireless Thermostat allows you to automatically control the temperature settings of your Heat4All Infrared Heaters in your living and office spaces. The H4A Wireless Thermostat is a digital wireless thermostat with green LCD backlight. Its biggest advantage is its simple and flexible
installation, no network connection or cable required. The wireless
thermostat can be connected to up to 9 receivers/switching elements.
Advantages of the H4A Wireless Thermostat:

  • 7 weekly programmes, 6 temperature settings per day
  • Simple and flexible installation – no network connection or cable required
  • Quick change of temperature settings
  • Information on operating hours / childproofing option / button lock
  • Different programming for different days possible
    (Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun)
  • Frost protection (3° C), low-battery alarm
  • Range up to 35m

Heat4All Room Thermostat with Rotary Switch (wireless)

The Heat4All Room Thermostat with Rotary Switch allows you to intuitively set your room temperatures by simply turning the rotary switch.

Heat4All Flush-Mounted Switch Actuator

The Heat4All Flush-Mounted Switch Actuator turns your Heat4All Infrared Panel on or off, based on the data transmitted by the wireless thermostat. Its biggest advantage is its simple installation into a flush-mounted socket.

Heat4All Adapter Plug Switch Actuator

The Heat4All Adapter Plug Switch Actuator turns your Heat4All Infrared Panel
on or off, based on the data transmitted by the wireless thermostat. It is directly plugged into the socket.

Heat4All Plug-in Thermostat TS 10

The Heat4All Plug-in Thermostat TS 10 brings the convenient control of your
Heat4All Infrared Panels to the next level. Apart from setting the temperature
of your panels, you may also set up different automated programmes. The Heat4All Plug-in Thermostat offers an excellent price-performance-ratio.

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