HEAT4ALL ICONIC Infrared Heating Infrared heater made in Austria

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between conventional and infrared heating systems?
Conventional convection heaters warm the air whereas infrared heaters warm all objects and surfaces (floor, walls, furniture etc.) in the room. These items store the heat and emit it evenly to the room. This process assures a much more comfortable room climate, reduces the formation of dust and keeps the air less dry. Further advantages include the significantly lower purchase costs (up to -70 %), no hidden costs for operating pumps or for chimney sweeper services, no maintenance costs, lower operational costs, a longer product life span, the simple mounting and their very appealing design.
Does it make sense, from an ecological point of view, to heat with electricity?
Yes, if you're using Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels! Compared to night storage heaters, Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters require up to 75 % less energy. Other heating systems, like pellet or oil heaters, require only 25 % of the electricity required by an infrared heater. However, the costs for fossil fuels are extremely high. At the moment an infrared heating system in combination with a photovoltaic or wind energy system is by far the cheapest, cleanest and most ecological heating solution.
What are infrared rays?
Infrared rays are, like sun rays, electromagnetic waves. Infrared heaters make use of long-wave infrared rays, so-called C-rays that are absorbed on the surface of the skin and do not penetrate it. Infrared rays do not have any negative effect on the organism but are perceived as pleasant heat radiation.
What is the difference between infrared A, B and C?
Infrared rays are divided into three different categories: Long-wave infrared C-rays with 8 - 15 μm are emitted by many modern devices, e.g. infrared heaters. For the emission of A- and B-infrared rays special infrared emitters are required. A- and B-infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin.
Is an infrared heating system a fully fledged heating system?
Yes, the Heat4All Infrared Heating System can be used as an autonomous, fully fledged heating system for different types of buildings. It is thereby important to correctly calculate the heating requirements per room. However, infrared heaters can also be used in addition to your pellet, oil or gas heating system.
How many and which infrared panels per room do I need?
The number and dimension of the required infrared panels depends on the heating requirements of the respective room. These in turn depend on the size and condition of the room (insulation, walls, floor etc.) in question, on general climate conditions and on the desired room temperature. As a rule of thumb, you will need 45 Watt per m² for any room with average insulation. For a free, detailed calculation, feel free to contact us or one of our partners.
Can I get burnt when touching an infrared heater?
All Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters are certified according to TÜV, therefore there is no risk to get burnt. The maximum surface temperature is 110° C, while only objects with temperatures above 125° C hold the danger to cause burns. In case the heater should accidentally be covered, specials sensors inside the panel would turn it off upon reaching a surface temperature of 120° C. Therefore, Heat4All infrared heaters are absolutely childproof.
What is the life span of Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels?
Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels have a life span of up to 100,000 hours of operation.
Can infrared heaters be printed with any image of my choice?
Yes, our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters can be printed with any image you choose (see Heat4All Personal Printing). The only condition is that you own the printing rights of said picture and can provide it in appropriate resolution, (ideal print resolution: 300dpi in the size of the panel).
Which annual heating costs are to be expected?
The Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heating system is a very cost-efficient heating system and therefore produces very low annual heating costs. The annual heating costs primarily depend on the present climate (temperatures during daytime), the condition of the building (insulation), the desired room temperature and the electricity price. Calculating the costs for a very well-insulated house (u = 0,20 – 0,23) during an average winter the cost will be slightly under 9.-- Euro/m². This can be calculated as follows: Estimated heating period 1.10 till 30.4.: 210 days. Average number of heating hours per day: 5.2 hours, Connection value for 100 m² living space: 4.5 kW,  Electricity price per kW: 0.18 Euro
-> Annual heating cost: approx. 900 Euro
Which other expenses might come up?
Other than conventional convection heaters, Heat4All Infrared Heaters come with no additional expenses such as electricity costs for pumps, maintenance costs, costs for chimney sweeper services.
Is the mounting kit included in the delivery?
Yes, the mounting kit is included and consists of 2 wall mounts, 8 screws and 8 wall plugs.
Can I mount the panels myself?
Yes, the panels are very simply to mount. The services of a comptent electrician are only required if the panels are to be controlled via a flush-mounted actuator as in this case the guarantee would expire if no specialist is consulted for their installation.
How can the heaters be controlled?
There are no thermostats or other electronic parts incorporated into the panels themselves. The main reason for this lies in the fact that the heaters have a significantly longer life span than these electronic parts. Should one of these parts therefore break, the entire heater would stop working. Heat4All offers a variety of different control systems, from simple plug-in thermostats to internet-compatible control systems that allow you to remotely control your panels via the internet or your mobile phone from all over the world.
How can I control the panel's surface temperature?
The surface temperature cannot be controlled, the panel is either turned on and reaches a surface temperature of approx. 90° C to 100° C, or it is turned off. If the surface temperature was e.g. only 50° C, the radiation efficiency would significantly decrease while the convection ratio would increase, which would severely reduce the panel's overall efficiency.
Where in the room should the infrared panel be mounted?
Basically the right positioning of the panel has a significant impact on the efficiency. Our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels emit rays at an angle of approx 178 degrees in all directions. The more rays hit the walls, floor and furniture at this angle and the fewer rays hit glass or windows, the more efficient the heater is. Masonry, floors and furniture store more heat and can therefore also re-emit more heat to the room, whereas glass hardly stores any heat and can therefore not re-emit any.
Does it make sense to mount Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels on the ceiling?
For matters of efficiency it would often make sense to mount the heater on the ceiling. However, radiation from above is often perceived as unpleasant on the head as the scalp is very sensitive. The same effect can be observed when sitting e.g. in a parked cabriolet while the sun is beaming down on your head for two minutes. If the heater is to be mounted on the ceiling, it is therefore important to not mount them directly over your head, e.g. not above the bed in the sleeping room, above the sofa in the living room or above the desk in your office. In rooms in which you normally spend only little time, e.g. the bathroom or the toilet, a panel mounted on the ceiling can, of course, come with certain advantages.
How can I order/purchase Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels?
Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels can be ordered and purchased directly with the Heat4All Vertriebs GmbH or with one of our national and international partners. All Heat4All partners are well-trained and can therefore competently advise you on the perfect heating solution for your home, office or industrial building.
Why is not possible to purchase Heat4All Infrared Panels directly in the web shop?
Heat4All believes that the client should be well-informed before making the decision to purchase on of our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters. A heating system is a significant component of a house or a flat and has to work properly in order to assure a comfortable room climate. The infrared heater has to be appropriately dimensioned to fit each room, mounted in the right place and equipped with an appropriate control system. All these aspects require expertise while planning or in some cases even an inspection on-site.
Why are there no prices indicated on the Heat4All homepage?
There are no prices indicated on the Heat4All homepage as the total price of the heating system can only be determined after a detailed analysis by an expert. You will find there are web shops run by low-cost suppliers from China, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco or Korea. It can sometimes be difficult to spot the difference between a high-quality product such as our Heat4All ICONIC panels and low-cost products of poor quality on websites or in web shops. Some of those low-cost suppliers use misleading advertising in their web shops such as “Developed in Austria“, whereas the heaters are actually manufactured (in comparison to developed) in China.