HEAT4ALL ICONIC Infrared Heating Infrared heater made in Austria

Infrared Heating and Mother Nature

Anyone trying to live healthily and sustainably does well to remember nature and its unique powers. We at Heat4All follow nature's example and combine experience and science in our new high-quality ICONIC Infrared Heaters.

In nature, infrared radiation is very common: The rays of the sun or a cosy fire are both natural sources of infrared radiation. Approximately 50 % of the sun's rays reaching the ground are infrared rays. It is thanks to those rays that sunbathing makes us feel comfortably warm and relaxed. Infrared radiation, however, has nothing to do with the harmful UV rays of the sun. Those belong to the other 50 % of the sun's radiation, the part that is visible to us and which we perceive as light. Open fire mostly emits infrared radiation as well, thereby generating heat.

Infrared radiation and its warming properties have been known since approximately 1800 and were discovered by the German-British astronomer, engineer and musician Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. Back then he was trying to measure the temperatures of the different colours of the sunlight's spectrum and found that most of the sun's radiation lies within the infrared spectrum. This valuable insight has been used by people engaged in scientific research and industrial purposes for over a decade now: The Russian space station MIR was, for example, heated by infrared heaters for an uninterrupted period of 18 years and big cruise ships such as the famous 'Traumschiff' have been using infrared heaters for several years as well.

The special advantages of infrared heaters as your prefered heating system are thus as diverse as their fields of application and their possibilities for customization.

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