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Some possible applications include such things as ...

  • Outdoor covered areas
  • Old buildings
  • Listed building fabric
  • Winter gardens
  • Terraces
  • Balconies and verandas
  • Stable aisles
  • Outdoor areas used for gastronomy
  • Pergolas
  • Jobs
  • Wellness areas
  • Event Locations
  • Smoking areas
  • and many more ...

Find out more about our different Heat4All ICONIC ExtremeLine infrared heaters

Heat4ALL ICONIC Heat Zone

Dark radiator for indoor and outdoor

Heat4ALL ICONIC Heat Tube Triple Combo

Light and warmth in harmony

Heat4ALL ICONIC Heat Tube Carbon

Targeted heat in seconds

Heat4ALL ICONIC Heat Tower

Flexible heat wherever it is needed

Heat4ALL ICONIC Heat Shine

Highest performance in your outdoor areas

The advantages of our Heat4All ICONIC ExtremeLine infrared heaters

    Dark radiator (Heat Zone, Heat Passion)

  • No light emissions
  • full power after only 10 minutes heating time
  • Temperature easily adjustable
  • high proportion of radiation due to high surface temperature of 360 degrees Celsius
  • target-oriented radiation characteristic

    Light radiators (Heat Shine, Heat Tube, Heat Tower)

  • Low light emission
  • very short heating time (35 seconds)
  • Power balancing by control
  • A full 1,100 degrees Celsius filament temperature for very high radiation percentage
  • interchangeable carbon tubes
  • Specially directed reflector with high reflection

Heat distribution

The distribution of radiant heat depends on various factors. Mounting height and alignment of the emitter as well as environmental influences, such as wind and ambient temperature, are decisive for this. The ideal mounting height is 2 to 2.5 meters. The spotlight should be aimed directly at the people. Even though drafts have no effect on infrared radiation, the perceived temperature is perceived to be lower in unprotected locations exposed to the wind. Our Heat4All ICONIC ExtremeLine infrared radiators achieve the best possible effect in areas that are closed on at least three sides. They can also be used in open areas, but here the above-mentioned environmental influences can affect performance.