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Infrared heating history

Infrared heating history

Things to know about the most natural heating system in the world

If you want to live healthily and sustainably, it’s best to turn to nature and its unique powers. Heat4All takes this as a model and combines experience and science in its high-quality new ICONIC infrared heaters.

Infrared radiation is widespread in nature: The rays of the sun or a pleasantly crackling fireplace are natural sources of infrared radiation. Just under 50% of the solar radiation that reaches the ground is infrared radiation. This is responsible for our feeling of warmth when we are in the sun, so we can experience sunbathing in the warmth of the sun as pleasantly relaxing. However, infrared radiation has nothing to do with the sun’s harmful UV rays, which are among the remaining 50% of solar radiation that is visible to us and which we call ‘light’. Open fire also emits infrared radiation for the most part, which causes its heating effect.

Infrared radiation and its warming properties were discovered as early as 1800 by the German-British astronomer, technician and musician Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. At that time, he tried to measure the temperature of the different colors of sunlight and found that the largest amount of heat resulted from radiation in the infrared range. Research and industry have been using this valuable knowledge for several decades: The Russian space station MIR was thus heated for 18 years without failure by an infrared heater, and also on large cruise ships such as the well-known ‘Traumschiff’ infrared heaters have been in use for some time.

The special advantages of infrared heaters as your preferred heating system are as versatile as their areas of application and design options.

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