Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Decorative Glass Heater

Infrared decorative glass heater

Infrared decorative glass heater

available framed or frameless, standard version frameless

Our Heat4All ICONIC decorative glass heater line combines function with stylish, minimalist design. Available in black and white, and optionally usable as a write-on whiteboard, it’s ideal for your kitchen, restaurant or office to jot down the latest menu, purchases or business.

The beautiful glass surface made of shatterproof ESG safety glass is resistant and easy to clean, which makes our infrared decorative glass heaters the optimal heater for any space. Thanks to our frame options, our infrared decorative glass panels can be further customized to your personal taste.

Product specifications

ESG safety glass, smooth
Rear panel
Sheet steel, powder coated
Field of application
Direct heating
Surface temperature
approx. 90°C - 110°C
230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
white, black
IP 45, protection class 1
Temperature protection
1-2 Sensoren, je nach Dimension der Heizung
Power supply
Type CEE 7/7 angled, 8mm flat
cable length
1,9 Meter


Wall mounting

Glass colours

The colors may differ from the original colors for technical reasons.

All RAL and CMYK colors possible – see http://rgb.to/ral/page/1



silver, matt 7004
walnut, structured 7318
black, matt 7021
gold, glossy 7001
mercury, brushed 7327


DesignationDimensionNominal OutputWeightHeated area
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 250600 x 300 x 21 mm200 Watt4,5 kg3 - 6 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 350900 x 300 x 21 mm310 Watt6,4 kg4 - 8 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 420600 x 600 x 21 mm350 Watt8,2 kg6 - 11 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 540800 x 600 x 21 mm450 Watt10,7 kg7 - 13 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 750900 x 700 x 21 mm600 Watt13,7 kg11 - 18 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 8201700 x 400 x 21 mm710 Watt14,9 kg12 - 20 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 8701195 x 595 x 21 mm730 Watt15,5 kg12 - 21 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 9001000 x 800 x 21 mm780 Watt17,0 kg13 - 22 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 12001200 x 800 x 21 mm1000 Watt20,5 kg17 - 29 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Dekorglasheizung 12501600 x 600 x 21 mm1000 Watt20,5 kg18 - 30 m²