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Heating with infrared: the best alternative to gas and district heating

Infrared is everywhere

From the living room to the bathroom, in the cottage or camping, in the warehouse or production hall.


Infrared: Healthy heating

Infrared heating can be healthier than conventional heating systems. An advantage that is self-evident from the basic mode of operation of…


Infrared: Beyond the Rainbow

Infrared light is not a new discovery. But 200 years of research and development brought it into our households. A search for traces

Infrared heaters as an environmental wild card

Infrared heaters are more environmentally friendly than conventional heaters. This is not only due to the resource-saving energy, but also…


Infrared heaters in comparison

Heat4All infrared heaters – Interview with Norbert Cuder, M.A.


In the middle of life

How infrared heaters are used in practice. A look into the everyday life of Heat4All customers.


Modern heating, more beautiful living

In search of tomorrow’s home trends. Between comfort and practicality, retro and modern, dream home and feasibility.


Austria’s hottest cooperation

Technological excellence and design creativity: Heat4All and the Koller company together have developed the infrared panels Heat4All…


This is how inexpensive a new heating system becomes

The purchase of a heating system is a long-term investment. It shapes our household for decades.