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  • I am very satisfied with the very good advice, the products and the entire handling. We converted to infrared panels to save energy. This provides more flexibility. We had a lot of questions and uncertainties. Mr. Cuder gave us great advice. In my workshop, which consists of 2 rooms, I can now heat specifically. It immediately becomes pleasantly warm in the room I am in. The heat stays longer than with gas heating. I am also very happy with my photo panel. Now we have a beautiful picture, which also heats, next to the consultation table for our customers. In the apartments are now also heated only those rooms in which we actually stay. Of course, this requires thinking along. But you get used to it very quickly. With a large apartment, this is a real asset. In this way we hope to save energy and energy costs. Also a nice side effect, the air is not so dry. From my point of view, I can highly recommend this company. I would like to thank you for the flawless service and handling.

  • Super neat, fast, competent…everything top from the first information call to the service via app. Highly recommended!

  • 29 panels, many sizes and special with RAL color and surface coating according to own pictures. Professional help, short delivery times, reasonable prices. We will buy again.

  • Competent advice, high quality products. A desired exchange was carried out without complaint and without additional costs.

  • The cooperation with the team of Heat4All was smooth, friendly, professional and the result warm and enlightening.

    Absolute recommendation for price-performance and everything. Completely unbelievable was the assurance of extremely short delivery times (in times like these we know that enough), but the team around Norbert Cuder kept everything they promised. Thanks for the great performance and work!

  • Finally, an indoor climate like I’ve always wanted! I have chosen beautiful photos of our garden as motifs for the infrared heaters and feel completely comfortable. The regulation of the room temperature is quite simple and precise with the rotary wheel control. Many thanks to the Rotaflex team for the optimal and patient advice!

  • For our alpine pasture building on the Oberen Sonnberg in Brixen im Thale, we were looking for a favorable and efficient heating option in the course of the new construction in 2013. Through friends we have come across the topic of infrared heating and have finally contacted the company. Rotaflex and Mrs. Manuela K. a reliable and competent partner in the planning and execution in our vacation residence found. Already the first winter operation in 2014 has shown that the infrared panels work perfectly and can withstand the lowest temperatures. Remote control via the Internet or smartphone has also proven to be very convenient and comfortable. We would not want to miss our infrared heating in our beautiful leisure residence, which is used extensively by the whole family, and can recommend this type of heating with a clear conscience.

  • I have an older home and am very happy to have met the gals at Rotaflex. Their infrared heaters are much more efficient and by far less expensive than my old night storage heaters, so they have convinced me.

  • Since we have the infrared heater from Heat4All, there is also a pleasant atmosphere and cozy warmth in our living room. The delivery and assembly by the sales partner Mr. Gerald Tschirk worked perfectly. The company is 100% recommended.

  • I have been using the Heat4All infrared heaters for a year now. In addition to the maintenance-free technology, I am particularly impressed by the low operating costs and the great design. Likewise, in my opinion, the workmanship of the products is much higher quality than that of other competitors. All in all, a TOP product with which I am completely satisfied.

  • When we converted the floor of our old press house into a vacation apartment, we decided to heat it with Heat4All infrared panels. It makes guests feel very comfortable and the heat is evenly distributed in the rooms. In addition, commissioning and operation is very simple.

  • The decision to use infrared heating came from my brother-in-law Erich Frank, who had already studied this form of heating. During a visit to a trade fair, I finally came across the Heat4All stand and the detailed, professional advice there completely convinced me and my wife. In the meantime, the use in our garden house has proven itself perfectly for the 2nd season and to this day we do not regret for a second our decision to use Heat4All infrared heaters. We can only warmly recommend Heat4All!

  • I work for the company KPMG and we have been heating the reception with Heat4All picture heaters with our logo and our lounge with Heat4All picture heaters with motifs of the artist Kandinsky for a long time. We are very satisfied with the infrared heaters not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of performance and cost efficiency and would recommend them at any time, especially for business premises.

  • I was very satisfied with the advice and purchase process of Heat4All. I use my infrared picture heaters as auxiliary heaters, which I run off my photovoltaic island system.

  • Our project is a newly built gastronomy kiosk at the Lauchertsee in Mägerkingen, which is located directly at one of the main cycling paths of the Swabian Alb. A complete new building with guest room, kitchen, toilets, technical room etc. was built here and equipped with infrared heating. The selected heating elements in the guest room and in the technical rooms are the Heat4All ICONIC Classic 900. Heat4All ICONIC decorative glass heaters 540 were installed in all other rooms.
    Infrared heaters from Heat4All are very neatly installed and super easy to assemble, even for one person alone. Processing of the request as well as delivery were very satisfactory and all necessary queries were answered promptly by Heat4All.
    The product portfolio of Heat4All is very extensive and covers all wishes in the house and also outdoor. Therefore, Heat4All is the ideal partner for our energy concepts.

  • We love the warmth of the tiled stove. So that we can enjoy this comfortable warmth also with our again built Wochend country house from the first second, we decided for the individually designable and uncomplicated infrared picture solution of the company Heat4All including a suitable remote control by Handy App. With this solution, the benefit (before arrival, to be able to regulate the house temperature remotely upwards) is optimally combined with the pleasure (the special infrared heat – as with the tiled stove). We would make this cost-effective decision again anytime.

  • We heat our children’s room, bedroom and bathroom with Heat4All infrared heaters and are very satisfied. Mirrors no longer come on in the bathroom when the heating is on, and the common rooms are pleasantly warm. Also, the electricity consumption of the panels does not compare to the heating costs with gas that we had until now. We would definitely recommend Heat4All to others.

  • My wife and I built a new house in September 2016 using timber frame construction. It meets the KfW 55 standard. I made a variety of considerations – especially from a physicist’s point of view – about the heating system used, and two favorites quickly emerged. One is a heat pump system and the other is infrared heating. We have chosen infrared heaters from Heat4All from Austria.
    The only point where infrared heating has disadvantages compared to a heat pump solution, in our view, is the cost of energy. We eliminate this supposed disadvantage by installing a PV system with battery storage. The investment costs were not even half compared to an air heat pump system. Hot water is produced by a small heat pump with a hot water boiler. The installation location is the room with the inverters. Thus the there
    produced heat is immediately used sensibly for heating water. The infrared heaters are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.
    The advice provided by Mr. Haller (SE.ES logistics UG – Small efficient . energy Systems) was firstly in the form of a
    heat quantity calculation per room, secondly with regard to the place of installation and thirdly in the trade-off between design and use excellent. The energy saving certificate for the house showed an annual heating demand of 49 kWh/m2
    (imputed value). With a usable floor space of 140 m2 , the annual energy requirement is approx. 7000 kWh. Thus, a maximum energy price (at 22 ct/kWh) of 1,540 € per year can be expected. Furthermore, since we generate a good part of the electricity ourselves, the actual costs per year should be a fraction. These are already the total costs, since there is no maintenance or the like. With saved investment costs of a good 10,000 € we can heat for at least six years free of charge – the
    can be seen.
    In summary, we can say: We would do it again any time, and very much with Mr. Haller.

  • We replaced our night storage heaters in September 2013 with infrared heaters from Heat4All on advice from SE.ES and now have pleasant consistent heat throughout the house and a monthly
    Electricity deduction of € 198.00 to pay, compared to € 468.00 monthly before. So now we save € 270 per month. That’s 57.7% savings and so after the 3rd year we have already net saved our investment. Thank you SE.ES and Heat4All for the professional advice and execution of the energy saving measures. Keep up the good work!!! Help many more citizens to reduce their energy costs. We recommend you and wish you continued success in your business.

  • Some time ago we decided to change our heating to infrared. After looking at products from different companies, we decided on the company Heat4All because of the high quality and the competent advice from Mr. Zenz. We can only recommend them.”

  • While searching for an infrared heating supplier, we came across Heat4All products through professional advertising. The cooperation worked flawlessly on our construction site. Every personal wish was made possible. The heater with its own image is the real eye-catcher.

  • About 30 years ago, my wife and I started to renovate my parents’ house from scratch.we decided at that time to install two tiled stoves, because they brought the most effective efficiency for us and the appearance met our taste. As time went by, we got older and it became more difficult to obtain heating supplies – so after careful visits to trade fairs and discussions, we decided to put our trust in Heat4All and ordered their infrared heating panels, which were promptly delivered and installed. After about three years, we can now confirm that we do not cost more than with our tiled stoves, but enjoy many advantages: no storage of heating material or the associated work or space consumption, no money outlay for the entire heating season, no chimney sweep, no service and heat at the touch of a button.We enjoy heating by Heat4All infrared heaters!”

  • After our oil boiler had to be replaced and a new boiler plus oil and maintenance comes quite expensive, we were looking for a cost-effective alternative. We then came across infrared panels and subsequently the company Heat4All. The advice there was very friendly and competent, the heater is visually very beautiful and the heat is extremely comfortable, which is why we finally chose this option. We are still very satisfied.

  • I have equipped my living room and dining room with infrared heating from Heat4All. I am very satisfied and can only recommend this heater to anyone.