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All important information about our Heat4All infrared heaters.

All important information about our Heat4All infrared heaters.

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  • How to install a Heat4All infrared picture heater?

    The installation of our infrared picture heaters is a piece of cake. We will provide you with detailed instructions and all the necessary materials so that you can easily install your new heater yourself. However, if you have any questions, our installation video is available to explain the entire process step by step.

  • What thermostat options are available with Heat4All?

    We offer a variety of thermostats that are perfectly matched to our infrared picture heaters. You can choose between plug-in and wireless thermostats, depending on your individual needs and preferences. All our thermostats are easy to use and contribute to the efficiency of your heating.

  • What design options does Heat4All offer for infrared picture heaters?

    At Heat4All you can choose from a wide range of predefined designs or even use your own image to personalize your heater. We will check the quality and suitability of the image you choose and send you a preview before we start production. Thus, your infrared picture heater becomes a unique interior design element.

  • How efficient is a Heat4All infrared picture heater?

    Our infrared picture heaters are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. With our integrated thermostat you can adjust the heating power individually. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the heating switches off automatically, saving energy and costs.

  • Why are there no prices indicated on the Heat4All website?

    There are no prices indicated on the Heat4All homepage as the total price of the heating system can only be determined after a detailed analysis by an expert. You will find there are web shops run by low-cost suppliers from China, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Morocco or Korea. It can sometimes be difficult to spot the difference between a high-quality product such as our Heat4All ICONIC panels and low-cost products of poor quality on websites or in web shops. Some of those low-cost suppliers use misleading advertising in their web shops such as “Developed in Austria“, whereas the heaters are actually manufactured (in comparison to developed) in China.

  • Why is not possible to purchase Heat4All Infrared Panels directly from a web shop?

    Heat4All believes that the client should be well-informed before making the decision to purchase on of our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters. A heating system is a significant component of a house or a flat and has to work properly in order to assure a comfortable room climate. The infrared heater has to be appropriately dimensioned to fit each room, mounted in the right place and equipped with an appropriate control system. All these aspects require expertise while planning or in some cases even an inspection on-site.

  • How can I order or buy Heat4All ICONIC info heaters?

    All Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters can be ordered or purchased directly via this website from Heat4All Vertriebs GmbH or from one of our national as well as international partners. All Heat4All partners are highly trained, highly competent consultants and will be happy to advise you. To contact us, please use our contact form, the telephone number given above or the contact details of our partners on the reseller page.

  • Does it make sense to mount Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels on the ceiling?

    For matters of efficiency it would often make sense to mount the heater on the ceiling. However, radiation from above is often perceived as unpleasant on the head as the scalp is very sensitive. The same effect can be observed when sitting e.g. in a parked cabriolet while the sun is beaming down on your head for two minutes. If the heater is to be mounted on the ceiling, it is therefore important to not mount them directly over your head, e.g. not above the bed in the sleeping room, above the sofa in the living room or above the desk in your office. In rooms in which you normally spend only little time, e.g. the bathroom or the toilet, a panel mounted on the ceiling can, of course, come with certain advantages.

  • Where in the room should the infrared panel be mounted?

    Basically the right positioning of the panel has a significant impact on the efficiency. Our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels emit rays at an angle of approx 178 degrees in all directions. The more rays hit the walls, floor and furniture at this angle and the fewer rays hit glass or windows, the more efficient the heater is. Masonry, floors and furniture store more heat and can therefore also re-emit more heat to the room, whereas glass hardly stores any heat and can therefore not re-emit any.

  • How can I control the panel’s surface temperature?

    The surface temperature cannot be controlled, the panel is either turned on and reaches a surface temperature of approx. 90° C to 100° C, or it is turned off. If the surface temperature was e.g. only 50° C, the radiation efficiency would significantly decrease while the convection ratio would increase, which would severely reduce the panel’s overall efficiency.