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Heating in 2024: Optimize your budget and your comfort

The future of heating - sustainable, efficient and stylish

From picture heaters to mirror heaters – an infrared heater from Heat4All not only provides cozy warmth, but also aesthetic room design. Flexible installation and individual customization set new standards for the future of heating. Discover the innovative infrared heating technology from Austria and turn your home into a stylish feel-good place.

Heating in 2024: Optimize your budget and your comfort

Heating redefined: With Heat4All ICONIC from Austria, living becomes sustainable, efficient and stylish. Experience the future of well-being!

Efficient, sustainable and stylish: the future of heating.

In the search for the living trends of tomorrow, comfort, practicality and sustainability merge into a harmonious whole. When designing modern homes, the focus is on three long-term trends that are not just passing fashions but have manifested themselves over the years.

Made in Austria: A new generation of heat with Heat4All

The pursuit of contrast, the variety of individual color schemes and the enduring retro chic characterize the basic rules of beautiful living. In this realistic view of modern living trends, the combination of efficiency and style plays a decisive role. This is where infrared heaters from the Heat4All ICONIC product line come into play, which are characterized by their unique combination of functionality and flair.

Efficient heating with Heat4All ICONIC

Infrared heaters from Heat4All use invisible infrared radiation that heats walls and furniture directly without heating the air. This technology not only offers a particularly comfortable room climate, comparable to the warmth of a fireplace or a sunbath, but also allows flexible installation options. The Heat4All ICONIC can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and its steel front can be customized. This dual function not only enables space-saving installation, but also saves on conventional heating systems.

Sustainability in design and function

The Heat4All ICONIC series offers a wide range of products that not only heat efficiently, but are also aesthetically pleasing. From picture heaters to mirror heaters – each variant can stylishly complement the room. These infrared heaters not only serve as a heat source, but also as a decorative element. Thanks to their lightweight construction and flexible suspension system, they can even be attached to the ceiling, creating additional space for furniture or decoration.

Heat4All ICONIC product overview

1. Heat4All image heating
Contrast with wall colors, stylish heat source, unlimited motif options incl. own pictures

2. Heat4All mirror heating
High flexibility, multifunctional as a mirror and heater, reduces mold growth in wet rooms

3. Heat4All Classic
Contrast with wall colors, classic and modern

4. Heat4All bathroom heater/towel dryer
Warm towels for extra comfort in the bathroom

Experience the future of heating with Heat4All ICONIC – Made in Austria, sustainable, efficient and stylish. Don’t just heat your rooms, design them individually and environmentally consciously. Heating with style.

Heat4All ICONIC – the future of heating. Discover the symbiosis of efficiency and style that manifests itself in the latest living trends. The innovative infrared heating technology from Heat4All not only creates a comfortable indoor climate, but also sets new standards in terms of design and sustainability.

From customizable picture heaters to space-saving mirror heaters – ICONIC offers a wide range of options for modern room design. Experience the revolution of infrared heating, made in Austria.

Not all infrared heaters are the same – Heat4All infrared heaters are more than just heat.

Contact us now to find your personal heat source and transform your home.

Heating in 2024: Optimize your budget and your comfort

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