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Heat4All SmartLine

Heat4All SmartLine

Discover Heat4All SmartLine: the ultimate combination of minimalist design and maximum energy efficiency. Our SmartLine infrared heaters blend seamlessly into any room while providing powerful, energy-efficient heating. Perfect for those who value modern design and sustainable technology.

  • Produced in Austria
  • TÜV Certified
  • 8 years warranty
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The cost-effective alternative for smart heaters

Simple design, high efficiency

Those who are already familiar with our high-quality Heat4All infrared heaters know their advantages: Low costs, best heat efficiency and highest well-being through ideal room climate. On top of that, our infrared heaters help reduce your environmental footprint – through their economical operation with sustainable energy, their longevity, and the possibility to relocate or expand the heating system at any time as needed.

While our main ICONIC line also places great emphasis on chic design, our SMARTLINE focuses primarily on offering the best possible heating quality at the lowest possible price. The biggest difference between the ICONIC and SMARTLINE series lies in the design of the mechanical structure of the panels. By using other materials, we are able to lower the price of the SmartLine without having to accept significant reductions in heating and panel quality. Both series are thus designed for indoor use and also meet the requirements for use in bathrooms and for ceiling mounting.

The mechanical stability of the ICONIC series is essentially achieved by the high-quality sheet metal edging. With the SMARTLINE, this is realized via the frame and the additional suspension points. Thermal insulation between the front and back of the SMARTLINE series is provided by a thin air cushion and an IR reflector, while ICONIC uses an insulator.

Both series use a coating with high IR emissivity on the front. The back of the SMARTLINE has lower IR emissivity due to the bare metal surface, as does the anodized metal frame. Since the back of ICONIC is coated, a higher proportion is converted into IR radiation to the wall. Thus, the ratio of radiant to convective heat shifts. However, the total heat emitted into the room corresponds to the type specifications in both cases.

New now:

Our SmartLine panels are now also available with light frames.

Advantages of infrared heaters

  • Easily expandable at any time
  • Heat4All a lifetime
  • Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters are environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Simple self-assembly possible
  • Individual design with thousands of possibilities
  • Fights and prevents mold growth
  • Almost no air and dust turbulence
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Flexible and space-saving use
  • No hidden additional costs

Optimize your comfort: Free consultation for your Heat4All SmartLine

Finding the right heating solution is crucial for your home comfort and energy balance. Our experts are available free of charge to ensure that your Heat4All SmartLine is perfectly matched to your needs. Let us advise you and enjoy both energy savings and increased comfort.

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Product specifications

Sheet steel, powder coated
Rear panel
Aluminum, untreated
Field of application
Direct heating
Surface temperature
approx. 90°C - 110°C
230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
white, with frame in white or silver
IP 45, protection class 1
Temperature protection
1-2 Sensoren, je nach Dimension der Heizung
Power supply
Power plug with cable length 1.9 meters
cable length
1,9 Meter


Wall or ceiling mounting

Product data sheet


DesignationDimensionNominal OutputWeightHeated area
Heat4All SmartLine 175495 x 350 x 16 mm170 Watt2,5 kg2 - 5 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 320595 x 595 x 16 mm320 Watt4,5 kg4 - 8 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 520950 x 615 x 16 mm520 Watt7,2 kg8 - 12 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 7001100 x 650 x 16 mm700 Watt8,5 kg11 - 19 m²
Heat4All SmartLine 10001240 x 815 x 16 mm1000 Watt11,7 kg16 - 24 m²

Models Advanced

DesignationDimensionNominal OutputLumens
Lichtrahmen SmartLine 175536 x 391 x 20 mm26 Watt2.200
Lichtrahmen SmartLine 320636 x 636 x 20 mm37 Watt3.100
Lichtrahmen SmartLine 520991 x 656 x 20 mm47 Watt4.000
Lichtrahmen SmartLine 7001141 x 691 x 20 mm53 Watt4.600
Lichtrahmen SmartLine 10001281 x 856 x 20 mm62 Watt5.400

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  • Some time ago we decided to change our heating to infrared. After looking at products from different companies, we decided on the company Heat4All because of the high quality and the competent advice from Mr. Zenz. We can only recommend them."

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