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Are you looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly, economical and stylish heating system? Then our Heat4All infrared heat wave heaters are just right for you.

Our latest product generation Heat4All ICONIC is a high-tech infrared heating “Made in Austria”, which helps you to reduce your heating costs, creates an optimal indoor climate as well as offers you hundreds of design options.

Due to the direct heat radiation of infrared, as well as all other unique advantages of our Heat4All infrared heaters, you can thus avoid air and dust turbulence, mold growth, and can even dry damp walls ideally. Thanks to the direct heat of infrared thermal wave heaters, you also avoid heat loss during ventilation of your premises or due to the rise of warm air to the ceiling.

Our extremely energy-efficient infrared electric heaters also help you save money – for example, through their extremely low operating costs as well as the lack of maintenance costs. Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters are also guaranteed to come with no hidden service charges and can be installed in any existing property with no chiseling or remodeling required; all you need is an existing electrical outlet.

However, our infrared heaters are not only practical and cost-saving, but also visually enrich your premises:

Choose from our sleek Classic panels, our anti-fog mirror panels for your bathroom, lobby, and other spaces, our stylish decorative glass heaters, and our extremely chic picture heaters as well as glass picture heaters for which you can choose from hundreds of designs. We are happy to print our picture heaters as well as our glass picture heaters withyour very personal desired motif. All panels can also be quickly and easily mounted in portrait or landscape format.

Our infrared electric heaters are lightweight, sustainable and easy to install, come with an 8-year warranty and can be expanded as needed. A range of practical accessories, such as our towel rail brackets, our feet for use without wall mounting and our control systems for automated use of your infrared heaters, complete our range.

Finally, we are of course happy to heat your outdoor areas with our Heat4All ICONIC Extreme Line product line.

Now simply click below on the model of your choice and let us convince you further of our unique Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters!