Heat4All ICONIC Classic Infrared Panel

Infrared heating Classic

Infrared heating Classic

Elegant, simple and inexpensive. Our Heat4All ICONIC Classic infrared Panel impresses with its clear, simple design, elegant finish and slightly textured white surface.

With our Heat4All ICONIC Classic we offer you a low-cost, highly effective infrared wall heating or ceiling heating for your residential or commercial premises. The timeless white panels are suitable for any space and can be mounted in portrait or landscape format, depending on your preference (please let us know your choice when ordering).

The possibility of mounting our Heat4All ICONIC Classic Panel on the ceiling also allows you to install them in a particularly space-saving way, which on top of that makes them ideal for particularly small spaces, such as closets, toilets or changing rooms.


Our Heat4All ICONIC Classic infrared Panel is now also available as a color variant for an additional charge, in 11 chic trend colors or any RAL color on request.

Product specifications

Sheet steel, powder coated
Rear panel
Sheet steel, powder coated
Field of application
Direct heating
Surface temperature
approx. 90°C - 110°C
230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
white, other RAL colors at extra charge (see data sheet)
IP 45, protection class 1
Temperature protection
1-2 Sensoren, je nach Dimension der Heizung
Power supply
Type CEE 7/7 angled, 8mm flat
cable length
1,9 Meter


Wall or ceiling mounting

Classic Colour

Our Heat4All ICONIC Classic infrared heating is also available as a color variant in 11 chic trend colors or on request in any RAL color – see http://rgb.to/ral/page/1

The colors may differ from the original colors for technical reasons.

Pearly Grey
Forest Green


DesignationDimensionNominal OutputWeightHeated area
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 250600 x 300 x 21 mm200 Watt4,4 kg3 - 6 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 350900 x 300 x 21 mm310 Watt6,4 kg4 - 8 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 420600 x 600 x 21 mm350 Watt8,2 kg6 - 11 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 540800 x 600 x 21 mm450 Watt10,7 kg7 - 13 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 750900 x 700 x 21 mm600 Watt13,9 kg11 - 18 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 8201700 x 400 x 21 mm710 Watt15,1 kg12 - 20 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 8701195 x 595 x 21 mm730 Watt15,5 kg12 - 21 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 9001000 x 800 x 21 mm 780 Watt17,0 kg13 - 22 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 12001200 x 800 x 21 mm1000 Watt20,9 kg17 - 29 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Classic 12501600 x 600 x 21 mm1000 Watt21,0 kg18 - 30 m²