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Areas of application

Areas of application

Infrared heaters for family homes, cottages and offices

Whether you are building your dream home, renovating or looking for a cheap and efficient additional heating for your existing living space or office: With Heat4All infrared heaters you are in any case at the right address! Our highly efficient Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters do not require installed pipes, heating material or a stove – just plug them in and you’re done! Thanks to the easy installation on the wall or ceiling, the initial cost of our Heat4All infrared heating system is only a fraction of the cost of purchasing a conventional heater. On top of that, our heating panels are not just radiators – they are true works of art. Only a few millimeters thick, they can be supplied as a mirror, decorative glass panel, glass picture or picture heater as desired. Thus, our infrared heaters become stylish design elements.

Since our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters heat not the air, but all objects and bodies in the room, you save in three other ways besides the low initial cost:

  1. Even a room temperature of only about 19° C is perceived with our heating as pleasant as if it were 22° C. For the lower room temperature, shorter heating times and thus less energy are required – which immediately saves cash.
  2. With infrared heating from Heat4All, you will feel comforting warmth after just a few minutes, because it is not necessary to heat the air first, but the heat is transferred directly to you. Therefore, even with poorer insulation, less heat is lost than when using a conventional heating system.
  3. The walls or furnishings are also heated by the infrared rays of our economical heaters. A dry wall provides better thermal insulation and is also not susceptible to mold growth – which in turn saves energy and money, and also contributes considerably to your well-being.

Flexible auxiliary heating

Everyone knows the phenomenon: the room temperature is over 20 ° C, but you still freeze. The Heat4All infrared heating system provides a remedy. Simply install our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters in the rooms to be cooled, plug them into the wall socket and feel the pleasant warmth immediately after start-up – no conversion, no unnecessary heating times and immediate feel-good effect!

In bathrooms and wet rooms

Although people spend an average of only about 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, they still have to heat this room all day with conventional heating systems in order not to freeze after showering or bathing. Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters, meanwhile, require only a few minutes to develop their heating power and can therefore be used selectively and energy-saving. Turn on the heater right before you take a shower or as soon as you let the tub in, and you’ll feel the pleasantly mild warmth just a short time later.

You do not have space for an additional radiator in the bathroom? Also in this case Heat4All knows how to help: Simply order your infrared heater as a practical mirror panel and replace your current mirror with it. Another advantage of this variant: you will never have to bother with tarnished mirrors again, as Heat4All ICONIC mirror heaters are 100% fog-free in operation.

Outdoor areas and poorly insulated interiors

For semi-open outdoor areas or poorly insulated indoor areas, we offer a separate line of infrared heaters – our Heat4All ICONIC Extreme Line. With our Extreme Line you can heat, among other things, your conservatory, basement, attic, as well as your terrace or garage. The devices are also available on request as a mobile version or as a version including a light tube.

Other areas of application for Heat4All infrared heating in a family house are hobby room, lobby, laundry room, walk-in closet and many others. Let us advise you, we will be happy to inform you!

Infrared heaters in the industry

In production plants there are special requirements for the heating system, because often there are only a few places in a hall where people work. Remember: machines and materials do not need to be heated. On top of that, production halls are usually very high and poorly insulated, which means high heat losses and thus very high heating costs when conventional heating systems are used: most of the heating power is used to heat the ambient air, but the warm air rises and the heat is lost again through the roof; you pay heating costs without heating power. For conventional heating systems, this situation represents a barely solvable task, but our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters easily master these challenges:

  1. With our infrared heating panels, only those areas are heated where people actually work.
  2. Only the people and objects in the room are heated by the heat waves. No energy is wasted on unnecessary heating of the ambient air.
  3. In some plants, the material in the warehouse is not allowed to get wet. Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters heat and dry the material. If positioned correctly, mold growth can also be prevented, which is another significant advantage, especially when storing sensitive goods.

Learn more about the unique mode of action of infrared heaters and their numerous advantages here.