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The technology behind Heat4All


Our infrared heaters are developed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards and using only the highest quality materials in cooperation with the Austrian Traditionsunternemen Koller. With the purchase of a Heat4All ICONIC infrared heater you acquire a highly efficient, safe and sustainable quality product “Made in Austria”.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to the technology behind our first-class infrared heaters in detail.

*Source: Study on radiation efficiency measurement at the Technical University of Stuttgart (06/2016).

Heat4All - Technology Made in Austria

In addition, our Heat4All ICONIC panels generate an infrared C-wave radiation percentage of 99.9%*. In addition to the radiation fraction, the radiation efficiency of an IR heater is the main factor determining its efficiency. The radiation efficiency of our Heat4All ICONIC panels is 71 %* according to a study by the Technical University of Stuttgart (calculated using the Max Plank radiation formula). All of this was confirmed in a study commissioned by us from the Technical University of Stuttgart.

Radiation efficiency of 71

Developed and produced in cooperation with our partner company Koller, our new product generation Heat4All ICONIC achieves a significantly higher radiation efficiency compared to other infrared heating suppliers. This exceptional result is made possible by an infrared ray reflecting insulation exclusively developed for our new infrared panels as well as a special powder coating with a now even higher emissivity of 0.96*. The resulting high efficiency leads to lower electricity demand and shortens the average run time per day, so your heating costs decrease accordingly.

Structure of the Heat4All - IR heaters

Structure of the new Heat4All ICONIC heating panel

  1. Coated steel front with high IR radiation factor and high UV resistance
  2. High quality heating element with constantan heating conductor
  3. Thermal insulation with IR reflector
  4. Coated solid steel back panel
  5. Stable and flexible adjustable suspension device

Exceptionally short warm-up phase

Moreover, after only four minutes of heating, our Heat4All ICONIC panels reach a surface temperature of up to 60° C*, so the infrared radiation starts after a very short operating time.

Even heat distribution

As shown in the thermal image on the left, our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters achieve an even heat distribution over the entire surface of the heating panel*, which, together with the other unique features of our Heat4All infrared heaters, results in an exceptionally high radiation efficiency.