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10 reasons for why you should use Heat4All Infrared Heating

10 reasons

1. Heat4All ICONIC Heating Panels feature a much higher radiation efficiency than other infrared heaters

Other producers of infrared heaters like to advertise their products emphasizing their lower prices – which might get quite expensive for you. Using low-quality materials leads to a lower radiation efficiency and thereby negatively affects the heater’s overall efficiency. Instead of efficient radition heat, those panels will mostly emit inefficient convection heat. Not Heat4All. Our new Heat4All ICONIC panels feature a new and exclusive insulation which reflects infrared rays as well as a special powder-coating with a now even higher emissivity of 0.96. These new components result in our panels featuring ideal radiation efficiency and therefore an extraordinarily high overall efficiency. This further leads to lower energy requirements so that your heating costs will decrease accordingly.

2. Longer product lifespan

Due to materials extending and contracting when heated and cooling down again, using low-quality materials in infrared heaters can easily lead to those heaters malfunctioning within only a few months. We at Heat4All exclusively use high-quality materials such as our special Constantan heat conductors. Our Heat4All Infrared Panels therefore come with a much longer lifespan than other infrared heaters.

3. Short warm-up phase

Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels reach their maximum temperature mere minutes after turning them on. Their infrared radiation heat will set in almost immediately and you will feel its cozy warming effect. No energy will be wasted on long, inefficient warm-up phases. Moreover, as the perceived temperature generated by infrared heaters is 2 – 3 degrees Celsius higher than that of conventional heaters, you can further reduce the room’s target temperature while still feeling cozily warm and therefore save even more energy and money.

4. Highest comfort in your home

Unlike conventional heating systems that work with convenction heat, such as gas, oil, wood or pellet systems, but also cheap infrared heaters with low radition efficiencies, our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels help in creating a perfectly warm and cozy atmosphere in your private or office spaces. Thanks to the direct heating effect, the air in the room will not be dryed out, there will be no dust swirls or uncomfortable drafts and you can let in fresh air without any negative effect on the heating performance. More info on how infrared heating works can be found here.

5. Unlimited design and customization options

Infrared Panels by Heat4All aren’t only handy, they also serve as stylish design elements. Thousands of customization options such as several panel sizes for each panel type, an unlimited selection of possible motifs or different glass and frame colours allow for you to turn your Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels into personalized pieces of art for your home or office. Our Heat4All Picture Gallery offers hundreds of standard motifs included in the panel price, whereas thousands of others motifs are available through our Art Collection. Making use of our Personal Printing service, you can also have your panels printed with your personal favourite photo, your company logo or any other personal motif you provide us with.

6. Quality “Made in Austria”

Our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters are developed and produced in Austria, in cooperation with our Lower-Austrian partner Koller. Upon choosing Heat4All Heating Panels you are therefore choosing a high-quality product “Made in Austria”.

7. 8-year warranty

We believe in our products and therefore grant you an 8-year warranty, starting upon purchase, on all our heating panels. The warranty on the print (picture and glass picture panels) and on all frames is limited to 3 years, warranty on all technical components is limited to 2 years.

8. Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Heat4All ICONIC Heating Panels are produced in accordance with the latest ecological criteria and do not require the use of any conventional resources. Powered by water, solar or wind energy, our infrared heaters are also CO² neutral and thereby our contribution to a sustainable future.

9. confirmed quality

We can tell you a lot, so we have subjected our products to an independent study by the TU Stuttgart and had the quality of our Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters confirmed in black and white. You can find more information about our technology and the study on radiation efficiency measurement by the Technical University of Stuttgart here.

10. More than 12,000 satisfied customers

Heat4All stands for quality, safety, sustainability and highest customer satisfaction. Follow the link and read some of the feedback our 12,000 satisfied customers have sent us so far.