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Healthy indoor climate with Heat4All infrared heaters

This is how you can specifically improve your well-being with infrared heat

We all know the dangers posed by air pollution, especially for allergy sufferers and people with impaired health anyway – but few are aware that pollution in our own homes can often be even higher than outdoors along a busy road. In our article, we would therefore like to introduce you to the most important pollution factors and show you how Heat4All infrared heaters can help to keep the pollution in your own home as low as possible and thus specifically improve your indoor climate.

Factor dust and other particles

One of the most essential factors when it comes to indoor air quality is the presence of various potentially harmful particles, such as those produced by smoking, combustion during heating, or the natural formation of dust. Heat4All infrared heaters can help in two ways: Firstly, with infrared heating there is no combustion of raw materials such as gas, wood or coal, which also means that no combustion residues such as the dangerous carbon monoxide are left behind. With infrared heating, therefore, there are no harmful emissions compared to conventional heating systems.

On the other hand, infrared heating also prevents dust whirling up and thus a higher dust content in the air we breathe: conventional heaters heat the air, which then rises below the ceiling – this creates temperature differences between the ceiling and floor areas of a room and thus automatically creates air currents that carry the naturally present dust particles into the air. Infrared heaters, on the other hand, heat all objects and walls in the room, including the ceiling and the floor itself, thus providing uniform heat without drafts or dust turbulence, which can have an extremely positive effect on their health and well-being.

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Humidity factor

However, not only the particles in the air, but also the humidity play a decisive role in terms of indoor climate: if the air is too dry, the respiratory tract and eyes can become irritated and the skin stressed; if, on the other hand, the air is too humid, this favors the formation of mold and bacteria, which, as a result, can trigger allergies and asthma, among other complaints.

Here, too, infrared heaters from Heat4All can help: As already mentioned, infrared heaters directly heat all objects and surfaces instead of the air in the room, which means that the air is not unnecessarily dried out. The gentle heating of the walls, however, additionally dries them and thus removes the breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which means that they can be combated or do not develop in the first place.

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Factor correct ventilation

Finally, there is another important factor for an ideal indoor climate: proper, regular ventilation. Only regular air exchange through shock ventilation allows harmful dust and other particles to leave the interior and fresh, oxygen-rich air to enter. Especially in winter, however, many people refrain from ventilating regularly in order to avoid excessive cooling of living spaces – and here, too, Heat4All infrared heaters offer a decisive advantage: due to their property of heating not the air but the objects in the room, as opposed to conventional heaters, the exchange of air hardly affects the actual feeling of warmth. While airing conventional heating systems, even for a short time, is thus associated with high heat losses and thus much higher heating costs, there is thus hardly any heat loss when airing a room heated with infrared heating. This allows you to regularly let fresh air into your interiors without freezing in the meantime or having to invest vast sums in heating costs.

In summary, then, three factors are particularly crucial to the air quality of your premises: minimizing exposure to dust and combustion residues, maintaining the right humidity levels, and ventilating regularly. Heat4All infrared heaters specifically support you in bringing all three factors into ideal harmony and, on top of that, save heating and energy costs.