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Infrared heating chic and practical

Your infrared heating as an effective heating as well as stylish design element

We have already told you about the advantages of infrared heating in the past, but did you know that infrared heaters can also serve as stylish and practical decorative elements?

Paintings instead of ugly radiators

You can’t do without heating, that much is clear – the biggest disadvantage of this is that traditional radiators tend to look rather unattractive and are also difficult to hide without limiting their effectiveness. Shoring blocks the heat radiation, an installation should be made directly under the windows and thus in addition, of all places, where the eye falls particularly preferred, and fancier alternatives, such as underfloor heating, are associated with high costs and great conversion effort, especially in existing properties.

Things look different – literally – when heating with an infrared heater: Infrared heaters are available not only as elegant white or colored wall panels that can blend inconspicuously with the already existing wall color, but also as stylish design elements that serve as a real eye-catcher. For example, your infrared heating can with a wonderful painting – from Klimt to Monet to Picasso, everything is possible thanks to our partnership with Artothek – or one of our free standard motifs be printed, but you can also Your favorite vacation photo, your company logo or your self-designed (photographed, scanned or digital) artwork choose as a motif for your infrared heater. Thus, your heater will no longer visually devalue your premises, but even stylishly beautify them.

Practical use as a mirror or decorative glass panel

On the other hand, those who want to give their infrared heating another practical use, in addition to the high heating efficiency, can also resort to the design as a mirror or decorative glass panel.

So not only can you save space in the entrance hall, bedroom or bathroom by combining your heater with the mirror that is there anyway, in damp rooms the mirror heater has another advantage: it is guaranteed not to start up during operation. On top of that, infrared heaters also heat and dry all walls and other surfaces, helping to prevent mold – a problem that often occurs, especially in bathrooms.

Meanwhile, infrared heaters as decorative glass heating not only look chic and modern, but can also be used as a blackboard – for example, for use in meeting rooms, as a noteboard in the hallway or kitchen, or as a to-do list in the office, study or children’s room.