HEAT4ALL ICONIC Infrared Heating Infrared heater made in Austria

Advantages of Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters

Low investment cost
Our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters will cost up to 70 % less upon purchase in comparison to conventional heating systems and also come with multiple other advantages.
No maintenance costs
Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels are completely free of maintenance and do not need to be inspected on a regular basis – saving you time and money.
No hidden costs
There are no hidden costs such as electricity cost for pumps, service fees for chimney sweepers and so on.
Flexible and space-efficient application
Using our flexible heating system you will neither need any additional storage space for heating material nor will you have to sacrifice precious space for the heaters themselves. They are extra thin and can be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling. You can install them in whichever room you need them, including your bathroom, your basement, your office or any industrial building.
Comfortable room climate
Unlike other heaters, our infrared panels not only warm up the air but also the walls as well as any object in the room. The infrared radiation thereby stored in in the walls will then be re-emitted evenly, providing you with comfortable warmth. What's more, the heat waves do not disturb the air in any way and will therefore not cause any drafts while making sure humidity remains stable. Follow this link to learn more about how our infrared heaters work.
Almost no drafts or dust swirls
Due to the even heat distribution in your rooms when using our Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels, the air in your home stays fresh and free of drafts and dust swirls. As infrared heaters neither dry out the air, it further stays comfortably humid, which is especially beneficial for allergic or sensitive people.
Fights and prevents mould formation
The infrared rays generated by our Heat4All ICONIC panels heat up the walls and thereby dry them. This will lead to better humidity within the room and will leave no chance to mould formations.
Individual design with thousands of customization options
Heat4All proves that heating can be energy-efficient, affordable and sustainable while offering you lots of room for customizing and designing your heating elements. Our Heat4All ICONIC panels can be designed to fit any and every taste and situation. Take a look at our countless design options and find your personal favourite.
Simple and fast mounting – no professional help needed!
Our Heat4All ICONIC panels can easily be mounted on your wall or ceiling. Just install them following our step by step mounting manual, plug them in - and you're ready to go!
Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels are environmentally friendly and sustainable
Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters follow the latest ecological criteria and do not require any conventional resources. Powered by energy coming from water, solar or wind energy, our infrared heaters are CO² neutral and thereby our contribution to a sustainable future.
Heat4All – warmth through life
Life is unpredictable and who may tell where you're gonna live 10 years from now or when you'll next renovate your house or flat? Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Heaters can be easily dis- and re-mounted when and wherever you need them and feature a much longer average lifespan than other heating solutions. What's more: All our Heat4All ICONIC infrared panels come with a 8 year guarantee.
Easily expand your existing heating system at any time
Imagine you are planning on extending your house or re-arranging your room set-up. New rooms might need new or additional heating, others might need lower temperatures than they previously did. Using a conventional heating system, changes in your heating requirements usually come with high costs or might even require you to replace your entire system. No such problems with Heat4All Infrared Heating! Should you, at some point, need further heaters, you can easily expand your heating system by simply adding additional panels or re-mounting the ones you already have. You can also use Heat4All ICONIC Infrared Panels in addition to your existing conventional heating system wherever it fails to provide enough warmth.