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Infrared heating image

Infrared heating image

The aesthetics and energy efficiency of the infrared heating image of Heat4All ICONIC will delight you. Our state-of-the-art heating technology is combined with customizable image motifs, so you not only benefit from an efficient heat source, but also get a decorative element for your premises. Choose a pre-designed motif from our diverse catalog or design your own infrared heating picture for a home that is both comfortably warm and visually appealing. Our Heat4All ICONIC series is the ideal choice for those who see their infrared heater not only as a heating element, but also as an eye-catcher in the room.

  • Produced in Austria
  • TÜV Certified
  • 8 years warranty
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Infrared heating picture of Heat4All: design variety in framed or frameless design

Explore the extensive design possibilities that the Heat4All ICONIC infrared heating picture offers you. Choose one of our hundreds of standard designs, get inspired by the Art Collection with international artists, or design your own infrared heating image using our Heat4All Personal Printing.
The infrared heating image of Heat4All ICONIC is made of high quality ESG safety glass and available in the best print quality. You can choose between different panel sizes, both portrait and landscape.

Thanks to our space-saving wall mounting, you can easily install the infrared heating picture even in narrow hallways or smaller rooms – and without extensive drilling or chiselling work, as long as a power connection is available.

Do you have questions about the infrared heating image options, our image catalog, printable motifs, the Personal Printing Service or other design options? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Advantages of infrared heaters

  • Easily expandable at any time
  • Heat4All a lifetime
  • Heat4All ICONIC infrared heaters are environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Simple self-assembly possible
  • Individual design with thousands of possibilities
  • Fights and prevents mold growth
  • Almost no air and dust turbulence
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Flexible and space-saving use
  • No hidden additional costs

Why a free consultation for your infrared heating picture is indispensable:

Choosing the right infrared heating picture is crucial for your satisfaction and energy efficiency. Our experts will give you a free consultation to make sure you find the best picture heater for your home. Save not only energy, but also time and money with individually tailored advice. If you want to buy an infrared heater with a picture, you have come to the right place.

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Product specifications

Rear panel
Sheet steel, powder coated
Field of application
Direct heating
Surface temperature
approx. 90°C - 110°C
230 Volt, 50/60 Hz
IP 45, protection class 1
Temperature protection
1-2 Sensoren, je nach Dimension der Heizung
Power supply
Power plug with cable length 1.9 meters
cable length
1,9 Meter


Wall mounting

Product data sheet


silver, matt 7004
walnut, structured 7318
black, matt 7021
gold, glossy 7001
mercury, brushed 7327


DesignationDimensionNominal OutputWeightHeated area
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 250600 x 300 x 21 mm200 Watt4,5 kg3 - 6 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 350900 x 300 x 21 mm310 Watt6,4 kg4 - 8 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 420600 x 600 x 21 mm350 Watt8,2 kg6 - 11 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 540800 x 600 x 21 mm450 Watt10,7 kg7 - 13 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 750900 x 700 x 21 mm600 Watt13,7 kg11 - 18 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 8201700 x 400 x 21 mm710 Watt14,9 kg12 - 20 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 8701195 x 595 x 21 mm730 Watt15,5 kg12 - 21 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 9001000 x 800 x 21 mm780 Watt17,0 kg13 - 22 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 12001200 x 800 x 21 mm1000 Watt20,5 kg17 - 29 m²
Heat4All ICONIC Bildheizung 12501600 x 600 x 21 mm1000 Watt20,5 kg18 - 30 m²

Image motifs for your infrared picture heater: design your personal heat source

Dive into our versatile Heat4All image gallery, where you will find a rich selection of motifs for your infrared heating picture. You can have these motifs printed on your Heat4All infrared heating picture or glass picture heater at no additional cost. To create the perfect atmosphere for your rooms, we have divided the motifs into different categories: from calming Zen motifs to stylish abstract art to impressive landscapes and skylines. Please tell us the motif number of your choice during the consultation or when ordering.

For more printable motifs we recommend a visit to (extra charge). Simply give us the image number of the desired motif. If you want to use a personal photo, a company logo or your own design for your infrared heating picture, our personal printing service is also available.

Before you make your final decision, we will be happy to offer you a preview of the selected design in your chosen panel size to help you make your selection.

Bildmotive Kategorien
  • Alle
  • Nature & Landscapes (112)
  • Painting & Abstract (53)
  • Flowers (36)
  • Design & Lifestyle (33)
  • Zen & Asia (30)
  • Skylines & Cities (27)
  • Impressions & Styles (19)
  • Artcollection (16)

FAQs: What you should know about Heat4All's infrared heating picture models

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the efficiency, design options and installation of Heat4All ICONIC infrared heating picture models. From the efficiency of our infrared heating picture heaters to the customizable picture motifs, we offer all the important information you need for your purchase decision of a picture heater with infrared technology.

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  • How to install a Heat4All infrared picture heater?

    The installation of our infrared picture heaters is a piece of cake. We will provide you with detailed instructions and all the necessary materials so that you can easily install your new heater yourself. However, if you have any questions, our installation video is available to explain the entire process step by step.

  • What thermostat options are available with Heat4All?

    We offer a variety of thermostats that are perfectly matched to our infrared picture heaters. You can choose between plug-in and wireless thermostats, depending on your individual needs and preferences. All our thermostats are easy to use and contribute to the efficiency of your heating.

  • What design options does Heat4All offer for infrared picture heaters?

    At Heat4All you can choose from a wide range of predefined designs or even use your own image to personalize your heater. We will check the quality and suitability of the image you choose and send you a preview before we start production. Thus, your infrared picture heater becomes a unique interior design element.

  • How efficient is a Heat4All infrared picture heater?

    Our infrared picture heaters are designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption. With our integrated thermostat you can adjust the heating power individually. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the heating switches off automatically, saving energy and costs.

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  • Our project is a newly built gastronomy kiosk at the Lauchertsee in Mägerkingen, which is located directly at one of the main cycling paths of the Swabian Alb. A complete new building with guest room, kitchen, toilets, technical room etc. was built here and equipped with infrared heating. The selected…

  • We love the warmth of the tiled stove. So that we can enjoy this comfortable warmth also with our again built Wochend country house from the first second, we decided for the individually designable and uncomplicated infrared picture solution of the company Heat4All including a suitable remote control by Handy…

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  • My wife and I built a new house in September 2016 using timber frame construction. It meets the KfW 55 standard. I made a variety of considerations - especially from a physicist's point of view - about the heating system used, and two favorites quickly emerged. One is a heat…

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  • Some time ago we decided to change our heating to infrared. After looking at products from different companies, we decided on the company Heat4All because of the high quality and the competent advice from Mr. Zenz. We can only recommend them."

  • While searching for an infrared heating supplier, we came across Heat4All products through professional advertising. The cooperation worked flawlessly on our construction site. Every personal wish was made possible. The heater with its own image is the real eye-catcher.

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