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As part of the transformation towards sustainable heating, systems using oil or gas will soon be a thing of the past. Infrared heaters are an alternative.

The cold half of the year is approaching, and with it the annual challenge of heating your own four walls efficiently and sustainably. The days of gas and oil-fired heating systems are long gone. Instead, the focus is shifting to more environmentally friendly alternatives such as pellet or heat pump heating systems. But there is another innovative solution that is convincing in many respects: infrared heaters.

Even when investing in a new system, such as infrared heaters from Heat4All, you can make significant cost savings. Compared to installing a heating system with wood pellets or a heat pump, it is up to 70 percent cheaper. No need to chisel open walls, lay pipes or install a stove for installation. Even self-installation is relatively easy, as the radiators can be hung on walls or ceilings virtually anywhere. All you need is a power connection. The necessary tips and advice are delivered directly to your home with the installation instructions. Another advantage of infrared heaters is that they can be extended with additional radiators in no time at all. Maintenance or regular inspection of the Heat4All

Iconic heating is not necessary – so there are no hidden additional costs. Another major advantage: if you move house, the infrared heating system moves with you, as it can be reinstalled anywhere and at any time, making it an investment for life. Customers also receive an eight-year guarantee on Heat4All appliances.

A proven principle

The model for sustainable infrared heaters is borrowed from nature, because around half of the solar radiation that reaches the ground consists of parts of the red light spectrum, i.e. invisible radiation. The heat emitted by a crackling open fire, for example, is also infrared radiation. Their warming properties were discovered around 1800 by the German-British astronomer, technician and musician Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel. He tried to measure the temperature of the different colors of sunlight and found that most of the heat comes from radiation in the infrared range. In the recent past, an infrared heater on the MIR space station has proven itself without any failures over a period of 18 years, and the radiators have also long been in use on large cruise ships.

Unique mode of action

Conventional heating systems such as heat pumps, pellet stoves, gas or oil systems work on the principle of convection heat. The air that heats the rooms is heated first. High heating air temperatures, air movement and uneven layers of warm and cold air often occur. When windows and doors are opened, the heat escapes quickly and the room air has to be heated up again – an inefficient mode of operation. Heating with a conventional convection system dries out the air quickly and creates an unpleasant room climate. In addition, there is a constant distribution of dust particles, which leads to increased dust exposure at low humidity. It can cause problems for older, sensitive people and allergy sufferers.

Infrared heating works on a different principle. It is not the air that is heated, but the surfaces it encounters: walls, floors and ceilings, objects and even people. The heat waves generated have hardly any effect on air movement and ensure a constant, pleasant level of humidity. This keeps the air fresh and dust-free, and ventilating rooms has no negative impact on the heating effect. Infrared heat is perceived more intensely due to its direct effect and feels two to three degrees Celsius warmer than conventional convection heating systems. Heat4All infrared heaters also achieve a radiant efficiency of an impressive 71.1 percent – this value has been scientifically confirmed by the Technical University of Stuttgart. The exceptionally high radiation efficiency is the result of an infrared reflective insulation developed exclusively for the new infrared panels, as well as a special powder coating. The resulting high efficiency leads to lower electricity consumption and shortens the average running time per day, so that heating costs are also reduced accordingly.

A further advantage is that the infrared radiation heats the walls, which virtually eliminates the risk of mold growth, which is a health hazard. At the same time, the air humidity is increased, which creates a more pleasant room climate than conventional heating systems. Thanks to the possibility of installation on all walls or ceilings, the possible uses of an infrared heater are actually unlimited: whether in the living room, bathroom or children’s room, in the kitchen, garage, cellar or office. The warm-up phase is extremely short, because after a heating time of just eight minutes, Iconic-

panels have already reached 100 percent of their operating temperature and thus their maximum radiation component. The infrared radiation starts after a very short operating time, while at the same time even heat distribution is achieved over the entire surface of the heating panel.

Sustainable with green electricity

Studies prove both the energy efficiency and the health-friendly properties of infrared heaters. Nevertheless, optimum room insulation remains the basis for achieving maximum energy efficiency: a well-insulated environment ensures that the heated surfaces retain the heat in the room. Heat4All Iconic IR heaters are designed according to the latest ecological criteria and are independent of conventional raw materials – they only use electricity that ideally comes from sustainable energy sources such as hydropower, solar energy or wind energy, making the operation of infrared heatersCO2-neutral.

In addition to greater efficiency and the associated energy and cost savings, infrared heaters offer a wide range of stylish design options.
In addition to greater efficiency and the associated energy and cost savings, infrared heaters offer a wide range of stylish design options.(c) provided

Murals that heat

Conventional radiators are often disruptive elements in room design, whereas infrared heaters offer the greatest possible flexibility in terms of placement. The visual options are also diverse, as the Heat4All panels can be individually designed.

A picture heating system combines state-of-the-art heating technology with either hundreds of ready-made motifs or the customer can use their own picture (Heat4All Personal Printings) – making the radiator an absolute eye-catcher in any room. The Iconic picture heaters are made of toughened safety glass and are printed to the highest quality. A wide variety of panel sizes are available, either in portrait or landscape format. Thanks to the space-saving wall mounting, picture heaters can also be used in corridors or smaller rooms without any problems. In addition to radiators with picture motifs, infrared mirror heaters are particularly spectacular: they are ideal for use in the bathroom and are characterized by a clear, fog-free view. Heat4All also has decorative glass heaters in its portfolio, which not only radiate a pleasant, natural warmth, but also represent an impressive design element that gives every room that “certain something”.

Heat4All The Press November 2023