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Your sun for home: With infrared heaters cozy through the winter

Infrared heaters not only help you save on heating costs, but also bring summer into your living room

What could be better than sitting in the sun in summer and feeling the warming rays on your skin. In winter, this feeling can quickly disappear, and even the heat from conventional heaters can only provide a limited substitute here: dry air, cold floors and exterior walls, as well as irregular heat distribution in the apartment, along with the resulting air circulation, ensure that you hardly ever feel really cozy and warm even within your own four walls. Infrared heaters can provide relief in several respects.

Christmas holiday background. Christmas evening. Snowfall in mountains. Christmas trees with snow on hills at the sunset. Winter nature. Winter sunset.

Warmed by the rays of the sun

Infrared heaters warm by emitting heat rays – which, by the way, are completely harmless to health – just as the sun or a warm fire do. The effect of this is that if you sit in front of an infrared heater, you actually feel as if you are sunbathing outdoors in the summer.

Due to the unique thermal properties of infrared heating, all solid objects in the room are also heated, for example, floors, walls, but also pieces of furniture – just as furniture, house walls and stone floors on your terrace do in the summer. These furnishings and walls will then also give off heat on their own and your entire living area will feel comfortably warm – without any cool surfaces or even objects that radiate cold on their own.

Winter sunset landscape with the frosty winter trees and sunlight beams -winter landscape scene. Winter rural landscape in cold sunset. Winter landscape with nature covered with snow at winter sunset

Dry eyes and skin adé

Have you ever noticed that your eyes and skin are far drier in the winter than in the summer? One of the main reasons for this is that the conventional heating systems in our rooms not only heat the air, but also dry it out. Particularly sensitive people can even develop respiratory problems due to this unhealthy dry air. The solution: infrared heating that leaves the water content of the air virtually untouched.

Fresh air or warm rooms? Why not both!

And another winter problem infrared heating can solve for you: The dilemma of whether you’d rather let fresh air into the room and all the heat from the heater out into the open, or sit in a stuffy but warm room instead.

Due to the fact that infrared heaters primarily heat the objects in the room, but not the air, you can safely ventilate when heating with infrared heaters without negatively affecting the heating performance.

Winter landscape in warm tones – winter frosty trees and old snowy bridge in the winter park. Christmas and New Year background. Winter nature with winter snowy trees. Winter wonderland in the morning

Through heating or shock heating?

In conclusion, with infrared heating you can also drastically reduce your heating times: Whereas conventional heaters take hours to heat all the air in the room, especially the air near the floor where you are, you can feel the heat output of infrared heaters within minutes of switching them on – just as you feel the warmth of the sun as soon as you step into its rays. This means you can easily deactivate the heating for several hours if you are out of the house for most of the day – and still be comfortably warm when you get home in the evening.


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