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The right heater for every room

The right temperature contributes significantly to your well-being at home – be it in the living room, where you spend most of your free time, in the bedroom or even in the walk-in closet, which you visit for only a few minutes a day, but where you want to start your day relaxed – and not with a rushed choice of clothes to escape the cold there as soon as possible. Or what about your winter garden? Which in spring, autumn and winter would actually be intended to offer relaxed hours “outdoors”, but in the end remains mostly unused, because it is simply uncomfortably cool there …?

If you also have rooms that are not (properly) heated so far due to spatial or structural limitations, then here are some useful tips for you. Because one thing you can believe us: there is also the right heater for every room.

Small rooms or rooms with wall obstructions: Walk-in closet, toilet, storage room

One of the biggest problems, especially in older houses, is that in so many rooms there is no or insufficient heating, because there is simply no space. A small toilet where a conventional radiator would take up too much space? A walk-in closet with cabinets all around it? A storeroom, which is icy, because the installation of a heating system with caulking work and pipe laying is simply not worth it, and on top of that it is to be equipped with shelves? For all these rooms there is a simple solution: a ceiling-mounted infrared heating.

Ceiling mounting means you don’t take up wall space, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing heating power due to shoring, or possibly arriving at an uncomfortably hot radiator because the room is too small to prevent this from happening all the time. The panel in this case is also simply connected by means of a socket – chiselling or similar work is not necessary, which is why the purchase is also very favorable. And another advantage: you can feel the heat from infrared heaters within a few minutes – so if you only want the storage room or closet to be comfortably warm when you actually use it, no problem at all. Simply turn on the infrared heater five to ten minutes before use – for example, directly when you get up, before you go to the bathroom – and they can enjoy the heat directly.

For small rooms or rooms with wall installations, we recommend Heat4All Classic infrared heaters with ceiling mounting. However, you can choose any of our models with frames, so for example, also (framed) picture heaters, glass picture heaters or decorative glass heaters.

Little used rooms or rooms without existing heating: basement, attic, garages.

Rooms that you do not use too often, of course, do not always need to be heated. The problem: With conventional heaters, it can take several hours before they actually get warm – often too late to actually benefit from the heat, or at least wasted energy if you only want to spend an hour or two there at a time. Second additional concern: Especially rooms like attics or basements in older houses often don’t have a heating system installed at all and on top of that are very large and/or have a high ceiling height (especially in attics with gables). So if you want to heat effectively here, you either have to accept expensive conversion work, including chiselling and pipe laying, and install several additional radiators to meet the heating requirements – or you simply install infrared heating instead.

Infrared heaters solve all the above problems at once: on the one hand, they are very easy to install and require only a power outlet or a power connection, which is already present in any room with light. No conversions or complex installations are necessary. In addition, if necessary, the heating panels can be mounted on the ceiling to save additional space.

On the other hand the heat of an infrared heater is noticeable immediately after switching on. Just like being in the warm sun, you feel the heat directly on your body as soon as you step into your radiant area. So, while a conventional heater has to preheat for hours to raise the air temperature, you can simply turn on the infrared heater a few minutes before your stay and immediately enjoy the cozy warmth.

In conclusion infrared heating is also suitable for poorly insulated rooms.. As mentioned above, conventional heaters heat the air, which makes the room feel warm only after the heater has heated the entire volume of air. In rooms that are not well insulated, as is often the case with attics or garages, the heat can escape very quickly and the heating costs increase immeasurably. With infrared heating it does not matter if the room is slightly drafty or poorly insulated. Just as the sun warms you outdoors, our infrared heaters warm you in any room they irradiate.

By the way: If the word “radiation” scares you, we can reassure you. Radiation from infrared heaters is completely harmless. Read more here.

For rooms that are only occasionally used, such as basements or garages, we recommend our Heat4All ICONIC or Heat4All SmartLine infrared heaters with wall or ceiling mounting. If the room in question is a particularly drafty space (such as a poorly insulated attic or a garage open on one side), our Heat4All ICONIC Extreme Line is sometimes a good choice. A portable product, the Heat Tower, is also available here and can easily be used in the garage, attic, shed and more, depending on your needs.

Semi-open and open spaces: winter garden, terrace, sales booth

The last “problem room”, which often remains unused due to inadequate heating solutions, or at least is used only reluctantly, are open or semi-open areas such as winter gardens, terraces in the transitional period or even sales stalls at markets and the like. For all these areas, a heating solution that is independent of the draught is needed – and conventional heating systems cannot come up with it. Infrared heaters are different: Products such as our Heat4All Extreme Line are specially designed for open and semi-open areas and heat, much like sun rays, by means of direct heat radiation that reaches and warms them completely independently of drafts.

For conservatories, open sales stands that are open on one side or open garages, for example, our Heat4All ICONIC Heat Zone is ideal, while for terraces or other predominantly unprotected outdoor areas, for example, our Heat4All ICONIC Heat Passion or the Heat4All ICONIC Heat Shine are ideally suited. Portable solutions as well as solutions including light are also available.

Do you have questions about your personal heating situation or which heating solution is best for you? We will be happy to advise you – free of charge and without obligation. Simply contact us via our form or by phone at the number above.